Searl Effect Generator - Sustainable Energy Solution - Canada
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The problem with modern energy

The processes we are currently using around the world to generate power do so without considering the effect on the future that they will have. Commonly used sources produce waste, pollutants, and harmful by-products that the governing bodies are not equipped to deal with. Worldwide consumption levels of power for lights, heating, electronics and so much more is growing at an exponential rate. This fact is one that most of us believe we have no control over, so we try not to think about it.

Power is monopolized by government systems (usually at the federal level) and we are totally dependent on them for access. Billions of people are restricted to poverty without the means to power their lives and foster economic growth. This cycle will continue without a viable means to bring inexpensive, clean, safe energy to everyone that needs it.

The reality is that global energy needs have risen every ear for centuries and will continue to do so. Humans demand more power, an amount that cannot be met with current technologies.

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A Sustainable Solution

The Searl Effect Generator is a world-changing means of harnessing free-floating electrons from the natural atmosphere and using them to push a magnetic turbine to create usable electricity. Electrons are not taken from the atmosphere, they are simply utilized to create motion. This motion is then harnessed to produce electricity in the same way as any other turbine would. Ambient energy is all around us at all times, regardless of temperature or weather conditions. The Electro-magnetic system within the SEG requires only this natural source to establish continuous motion that generates an infinite output.

All moving parts are magnetized and therefore cause no friction when moving, preserving the integrity of the generator indefinitely. The components and design are scalable to power anything from a lamp to an entire city. This system can operate off-the-grid and allow for even greatly populated areas to be self-sufficient.

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SEG device

Progress and Development


Our research, development and testing is nearing a much-anticipated conclusion. We are almost where we need to be to manufacture and subsequently sell our sustainable generator. To reach our end-goal we require funding, and more time for our team of scientists to do what they do best. Completion of this project will benefit our entire world and all that inhabit it, both directly and indirectly. We are now offering investors the opportunity to contribute to this revolution while it is still on the ground. Once the SEG launches the prices per unit and for the power created will rise exponentially.

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