Searl Effect Generator - How the System Creates Electricity
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Powering the Future

The SEG is a revolutionary way to generate power from the ambient energy that surrounds us at all times. This sustainable power generator is designed to operate without fuel, pollution, noise, or machine wear, and can do so regardless of weather conditions. The electro-magnetic field created by the SEG moves its many components and keeps materials from causing friction, allowing parts to last indefinitely. It is scalable to provide for homes, transportation, off-the- grid-communities, and even industrial power plants as a world-class solution.

SEG layer display

How it Works

Electrons spin around every atom in the entire universe, they are buzzing around and through you at every moment. The SEG harnesses power by moving an electro-magnetic turbine, moved and powered by drawing this buzzing energy in and directing them back out. It creates a homing point for random energy, allowing it to become uniform and orderly. A toroidal electro-magnetic field (or Torus) through this drawing in and throwing out cycle. This open cycle enables it to function as both a prime mover of mechanical rotors, but moreover as a generator that continually processes energy from the natural environment.

Negatively charged electrons (that desire a positive destination) enter the reservoir (neodymium) and are processed to move through the system before being thrown out and re-processed.  The cycle continues as more electrons are drawn in and the generator speeds up, increasing output.

The best comparison is to that of a water dam. A water dam is essentially a turbine placed in running water like a river. This natural water cycle is pushed by the planets torus and by extension pushes the the turbine in a water dam. The SEG works in almost the exact same way except that the SEG is a small turbine pushed directly by a small torus. Though these methods feature different materials and components, the process is very similar. We will compare the 4 main parts.

  • Electrons (or water molecules) flow into the reservoir where they are stored before flowing through the system
  • The regulator provides a barrier that channels the electrons along to the next step.
  • As the electrons flow freely and push the turbine (converter) they create electricity.
  • The emitter transfers this created energy into a usable form where it can be collected, stored, and used.
SEG dam comparison
SEG with Torus

The Torus

Simply put, the torus is a perfectly balanced dynamic energy flow process that is prevalent in all aspects of our natural world. It consists of a central axis, vortices at each end, and a surrounding energy field shaped like a donut. The energy flows through one vortex, moves along the axis, out the second vortex, wraps back around the circumference, and passes again through the original vortex. This open, self-sustaining system is widely accepted to represent a perfect flow of energy.

The torus surrounds every living thing. It is from our planets torus that the atmosphere emanates. The black hole at the center of every galaxy has a torus so strong that it pulls all the stars together to form the galaxy itself.

The SEG is based on nature and the toroidal electromagnetic energy field that surrounds everything from the atom, cells, and the human body to planets, stars and beyond. Ever-present ambient electrons are attracted to the neodymium core and the cycle begins. Electricity is generated and replenished from the cyclical motion of the torus, pushing the electro-magnetic gears of our toroidal turbine electric dam.

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