Invest in the SEG - Join the team behind the Future of Sustainable Energy
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Welcome to something bigger

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John Searl

Inventor of the SEG (Searl Effect Generator). Visionary scientist behind utilizing free-flowing electrons.


Fernando Morris

SEG Magnetics Inc. Chief Executive Officer who learned directly from and studied under John Searl for 25 years. He has taken over head leadership of the SEG re-development.


Jason Verballi

President, operations manager, head of public relations and lab tech. Jason continues to be a leader in the global movement for clean, affordable energy for over a decade.


Mike Ryan Alexander

SEG Canada Inc. Chief Executive Officer who has personally invested close to $250,000 CAD to the project steadily since 2009. The limited-time opportunity to buy the SEG at this exceptionally low cost was negotiated by him through his passion to see the SEG reach the public market.

As with all pioneering movements, our team requires funding. We have the scientists, engineers, technology, equipment, experience and knowledge to execute our plan to make the SEG the future of power worldwide, but the pace of our advancement is greatly influenced by money coming in to cover the expenses of production and R&D.


Justifiable confidence in our rigorous testing assures us that our dream will soon become a reality. We welcome like-minded individuals who desire a better planet for us all to join our team and become a pioneer, like us. The reality is that we need external support, and with this need comes your opportunity. You can help us satisfy this need and by doing so provide yourself with access to tremendous benefits. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of positive change that will outlive us all. Become a part of fixing the biggest problem to face humanity in history.


Here are a few examples of what our past investments have allowed us to obtain:


A state-of- the-art Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Lathe for pressing materials into usable parts and components at precise sizes.


Argon chamber press that is self-contained and keeps materials from being exposed to oxygen, which causes oxidization. Heating of this chamber must be precise to proficiently convert powder and broken-down rare earth materials into a solid form.


Once solid, our new 50 ton, 500MW magnetizer imprints magnetic wave forms into the various materials of rings.


We recently built a battery bank to charge the rings. This was necessary because we must use flash-magnetization for a split-second, and such a surge of power would overload the grid system.

Investors contributing to a better future for us all have helped up obtain the following machinery and components thus far.

More Equipment

SEG System Price

$15,000 – 15 Kilowatts


This is the one-time low, below-cost price to pre-order the 15KW SEG unit. Please note that the costs will greatly increase once we are in full production. Once our generator is launched and becomes readily available we expect units to hit the market at around one million dollars. When our unit becomes available to the public the technology will be very exclusive and in high demand. Units can be “stacked” and connected for combined power if your needs exceed 15KW.


This opportunity to buy the SEG for this low, limited-time price has been made available to you by the efforts of Mike Ryan Alexander, CEO of SEG Canada Inc. and long time investor. Mike passionately negotiated this idea to John Searl and Fernando Morris as a means of empowering our pioneering supporters and to help speed up the final stages required to reach full production, to see the SEG available to everyone all over the world.

Worldwide locations that have contributed to the SEG device

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Payment methods accepted

Send money order to ‘this address’ or wire transfer to ‘this email’

Provide Visa information and we will process the payment. Please know that all funds are in USD.